Education is one of the basic needs in the world and one of the critical aspects of development. Most developed communities have … their goals and reached social and economic transformation by emphasizing the need for education, particularly youth, basic education there for fundamental for social development in Uganda and Africa as early childhood education in fundamental for social development in Africa in the form of early childhood education is being emphasized to support children and as a motivation to promoting basic education. Primary education in turn builds the skills necessary for secondary school and further education. It is, however important to note that schools amongst rural and urban communities are poorly attached and are not well facilitated, as its either expensive and / or too far from home to attend, these have left many rural families out of school, creating a gap between rich families and poor families.

Poor facilities in Uganda and Africa therefore, look at this gap with concern, so FREM has planes to close the gap in education by establishing alternative means for community to acquire education.

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