Revival Conferences


  • Revival is “Spiritual Resurrection” it returns church to God’s consciousness.

  • Revival is like an epidemic once it raise it hard to contain it.

  • Revival is a divine intervention in the normal course of spiritual matters.

  • Revival is God revealing himself to a man which awesome holiness and power and working on both of the saints and sinners to repent.

  • Revival is such manifested working God that human program abandoned.

  • Its man retiring into the background because God has taken the field.

  • Also revival is not only what happens within the church but also what happen through the church.                                                    

Pastoral Training and Conferences


  • Annual international meeting.

  • Regular voices in the media e.g Radios, Television covering as much of the this platform shall be mobilizing the churches, believers, pray and prepare for the Revival meeting.

  • Regional Revival conferences, trainings, crusade with local leaders and worker shops for pastors and other community leaders.

  • Action prayers and fasting with a specific areas of Revival.

  • Working with believers and establish networks to mobilize for revival in the market places and streets in different towns, reaching universities, collages and school to raise the knowledgeable people who have a good character and God Fearing .

Community Development 


Friends revival ministries (FREM) has carried out research an aspect of education and benefit to the how income communities and found many challenges that blocks the progress.

Among the many challenges FREM faces are the continued ignorance among the needy communities, lack of initiative by needy families to raise income, poor government policies bringing economic hardships such employment, how level of education, how income, higher number of orphans and vulnerable children among others.

The categories mentioned and challenges associated with them affect progress of education and development of the communities where they live (FREM) has established the foundation schools one in Uganda and Kenya and Congo. offer early childhood and basic education to children in the communities and supporting those families that can not affect government education fees and private schools.

The growing needs FREM schools include payment of staffs, particularly teachers, salaries, feeding children during break time and lunch time, need of scholastic materials e.g. textbooks, pens, pencils lesson preparation materials teaching aids etc constructions of the classrooms and office, cater the church and well-wishers are solve support for this initiative, but their income is so far too small to meet all the mentioned herein.

It at this background that FREM request support and donations towards the goal of providing basic education to the needy communities may you all be blessed..


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